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Murphy’s Law – Things are not going to be as you wish all time

After I went to Cochamo from Puerto Montt I started to trek towards the mountains. The first 4 kilometer were on a normal road along the bayside (Estero Reloncavi) until I came to the point where the Rio Cochamo came down the valley I want to  enter. From that I did another 8km on a … Continue reading “Murphy’s Law – Things are not going to be as you wish all time”

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Isla Navarino – Swamp, Birds and Fish (Part 2)

As I promised here comes the second part of my journey on Isla Navarino. While I was getting farer away I also had to think about what can I eat here. I found some berries which were eatable but the amount was not really that much that I get full and no longer hungry.  Than … Continue reading “Isla Navarino – Swamp, Birds and Fish (Part 2)”


Isla Navarino – Swamp, Birds and Fish (Part 1)

After I arrived at the Isla Navarino in Puerto Wiliams it was 11 p.m. and I started directly to trek  into the night. Ok at this time of the year here it is not really the full dark night. You still can see at the horizon some light which let you see a lot. So … Continue reading “Isla Navarino – Swamp, Birds and Fish (Part 1)”


From Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams

The next step of of my journey was to travel via ferry from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams.  This passage took 30 hours. It was an interesting way to travel after that long flight from Germany to Punta Arenas. It is not the cheapest way to get from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams but the … Continue reading “From Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams”


Walking through Punta Arenas – Buying Ticket and “Licencia de Pesca Recreativa”

When i woked up this morning the sun was shining and it was just normal wind for this area of the world. Round about 40 to 60 kilometer per hours. And i really recognized that the wind will be my biggest enemy fot the next 4 month.  Things to do today: – Get my permission … Continue reading “Walking through Punta Arenas – Buying Ticket and “Licencia de Pesca Recreativa””


After 30 hours  i made half the way to Puerto Williams

After a real strange but good start of my journey  i`m now in a small hut in Punta Arenas for two days until i can go via boat further to Peurto Williams. The strange thing is that at the flight  from Munich to Madrid a german guy was sitting beside me and while we were … Continue reading “After 30 hours  i made half the way to Puerto Williams”


Patagonia and Fireland – My Packing List

This is my final personal packing list for a 4 month trip through Patagonia an Fireland by foot without staying in any hostel or hotel. Everything is based on my experience from my former journeys around the world. This is not a recommendation for other people but this list can give you an idea what … Continue reading “Patagonia and Fireland – My Packing List”


My new tent – Lightwave G20 trek

For my upcoming trip through Fireland and Patagonia i bouht a new tent from the company Lightwave. It was a long process for me to pick this tent which is lightweight enough and at the same time resistent against wind and rain. After reading a lot of different tests and the normal recomondations by people, … Continue reading “My new tent – Lightwave G20 trek”


Chile – The countdown has started

The countdown for my big journey to Chile has started. Now there are just a few days left until i fly to Punta Arenas- Chile in Chile. It will take over 33 hours until i´ll arrive there. My flight will start in Munich and i´ll have two stops in Zürich and Santiago de Chile. Because … Continue reading “Chile – The countdown has started”

The Bund - Shanghai

Urban – HDR photo´s Shanghai

This is a photo of “The Bund” in Shanghai. It is the most photographed place of Shanghai. This photo is done with a Tilt-Shift-Lens 17mm from Canon. And this is just one street behind “The Bund” Here you can see one of my most favorite food in the world: Just an impression which i like. … Continue reading “Urban – HDR photo´s Shanghai”